Welcome to HumaniTV

At HumaniTV our first and foremost goal is greater visibility, reach and results for the vast impact marketplace globally.   The means to our mission is simple: constantly deliver innovative media and technology that entertains, informs and engages more people, in more places for more impact! As we seamlessly integrate online video with online giving, social media, eLearning, eCommerce and eMobilizing, you’ll experience the exciting world of impact as never before.

We strongly believe that the path to a sustainably better world starts with greater awareness, collaboration & engagement.

More Awareness + Better Collaboration
= Greater Impact!

Regular viewers, volunteers, donors & impact organizations – we trust you’ll find our intimate and comprehensive platform a most entertaining way to stay informed, and ultimately engage your time, talent and resources with more confidence and greater impact.

HumaniTV platforms will offer:

  • an entertaining alternative to media as usual
  • an immersive point of entry to the global outreach marketplace
  • mission enhancing “technology for impact” products & services
  • greater access to the world’s hearts, hands and resources
  • a clear “couch-to-trench” path to join the journey!




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