Padgett_Cube1HumaniTV was founded in January of 2012, as a way to help surgeons & medical professionals better prepare and respond to disasters.  From devastation in Haiti, to a coffee shop in Connecticut, to survival training and medical outreach in Central America, and finally to a conference room in Austin Texas – the HumaniTV journey has come a long way.

From the start we’ve seen endless change and challenge, but one thing has stood the test of time – our desire to leverage the potential of technology and media to help save lives and impact communities.

Our Mission:  Deliver constant innovation & focus for the eyes, ears, hands and hearts of our world, for greater awareness, collaboration, engagement and impact!


We started by exploring some very difficult questions, to identify
lasting ways to sustainably solve problems.

Some questions we asked:

  • What are the world’s biggest problems?
  • Whose job is it to resolve those problems?
  • What’s our role – me, you, us, them – WE?
  • What are the goals for sustainable change?
  • Why do most think “giving back” is only about money?
  • How are we doing?
Some things we we learned:

  • Historic awareness & collaboration methods fall short
  • Sustainable success is everyone’s job!
  • Sustainable success is not simply a $ problem
  • Giving back should be, fun, easy and contagious
  • Better awareness & collaboration can make giving back easy, fun, and contagious!

We quickly realized we don’t have all THE answers – there are clearly many.  But we did come up with some really cool, exciting and innovative ways to help – most of which centered around the idea that everyone, everywhere needs to be more aware, more collaborative & more accountable.  That’s how we realized we’re in the business of “helping those, who help others, to help better!”

HumaniTV is creating innovation in impact by simply leveraging the technology and media we already virally consume – from online video, social media, eCommerce, eLearning, eGiving, and eMobilizing to unified communications technologies, original films and documentaries.

Matt Tankersley

“Join the journey at HumaniTV – TOGETHER we can build and sustain a better world!”
Matt Tankersley
Founder & Chariman


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