In today‘s modern, tech-savvy, “CONNECTED” world, we each consume an average of 40+ hours of media every week.


What percentage of the media we consume “makes us better husbands, wives, brothers, sisters or neighbors?

What if, the very thing that consumes so much of our time, was the key to kick-starting a better world?

Media comes in all shapes and sizes – not just broadcast TV or online video, magazines, books and billboards.  HumaniTV‘s media strategy starts with Online TV and blossoms into online radio, books, even broadcast television if we accomplish what we set out to – all in the name of a better world, filled with better (happier) husbands, sisters, neighbors….

Explore. Engage. Give. Go!

12+ Channels to Explore & Engage with others – next door, across the country or around the globe!

What inspires you?
What media would you like to see more of?
How can we best deliver media that fires up your passion?

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