Andrew Bruce

Andrew Bruce has several years of service in the United States Marine Corps Reserves. His core training includes; marksmanship, martial-arts, swimming, and class leader at Amphibious Assault School Del Mar, California. Two years ago, Andrew deployed to Eastern Europe for a NATO Exercise designed to support the countries of Latvia, Estonia, and the United States. There, he supported the Latvian Army and Navy in many successful humanitarian missions across the Baltic Coast.

Andrew is an experienced swimming instructor, 2nd Dan Black Belt in Olympic style Tae Kwon Do, and entrepreneur of the Arts. During high school, Andrew successfully co-founded “Curiosity Kills Magazine/ Entertainment”. While creating a template for online viewership of magazines, Andrew coordinated many charity concerts for the following; Cerebral Palsy, Breast Cancer, and World Hunger. These shows were called, “Knockout the Triple Threat” Round1, Round2, and Round3. After being hired by Houston Community College as a Veteran Service Coordinator, Andrew created the concept and produced the inspiring documentary, “Veterans Helping Veterans”. This documentary is now played on HCCTV, Channel 19, Comcast Houston.

Andrew has always been involved in Humanitarian Aid. His senior year in high school before enlisting in the Marine Corps, Andrew traveled to Kingston, Jamaica. In Jamaica, Andrew worked for Missionaries of the Poor, a catholic organization run by monks designed to protect, care for, and spiritually guide the less fortunate. His experience includes, care for; Men and Women with Aids/HIV, Children with Aids/HIV, the mentally ill, and physically deformed. The stories and lessons he’s learned from working overseas and for the church has definitely made an impact on his character and those around him.

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