Jay Stanka


Jay Stanka has over 23 years of combined military and government contracting experience to include four years in Marine Corps Reconnaissance and 16 years in Army Special Forces Reserves and National Guard. He has extensive training in medicine, antiterrorism and languages and has deployed primarily throughout Latin America and Central Asia where he served as an SFOD-A Medic (18D) in Northeastern Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) with B/1/20 SFG(A).

As an experienced multilingual instructor and as Co-Founder of Specops Training Adventures & Media, Jay developed and conducted several internationally recognized and award-winning adventure programs based on Outdoor Skills and Survival education. As a photojournalist he has published articles in numerous periodicals to include the Journal of Special Operations Medicine (Winter 2003 pg. 67), American Survival Guide, Aboard Inflight Magazine and wrote an outdoor survival column in Costa Rica Outdoors.  Having served as technical advisor for documentary and adventure productions his projects have been aired on The Learning Channel, MTV Road Rules, Danish Television and The Travel Channel. Jay was Co-writer, host and Associate Producer for Travel on the Edge in Costa Rica, and in 2011 while providing medical support for Discovery Channel’s “Man, Woman, Wild” developed the Remote Site Medicine program with Mykel Hawke and Dr. Chris Hughes of Harvard Medical School.

Jay has over five years experience as a Sales Representative and Government Sales Manager in the Medical Device industry supporting facial reconstruction, neurosurgery and orthopedic trauma. Immediately following the Haiti earthquake in January 2010 he and Special Forces veteran Richard Mason, Founder/CEO of Direct Action Resource Center (DARC), conceptualized the Austere Medical Program (AMP), a live-tissue, scenario based Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Relief (HA/DR) training program for licensed health care professionals. Educational grants from the private sector supported its development by a cadre of internationally-renown physicians, surgeons and physician assistants. Faculty and graduates represent universities to include UConn, Harvard, Yale, Stanford, UC Davis, Emory and Baylor College of Medicine and organizations such as International Medical Corps (IMC) and the International Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons (IAOMS).

Driven by the Principles of Stewardship and an intense passion to provide opportunities for others, Jay continues to expand a global human network focused on Medical & Corporate Diplomacy and creating greater social impact. He has been instrumental in the development, promotion and growth of private and public sector organizations to include SPECOPS, Afghan Care Today (ACT), The Humanitarian Ambassadors Foundation (HAF), HumaniTV and is on the SXSW NGO Toolkit working group helping to design and build a Crisis Response App to be released under the General Public License.


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