Matt Tankersley

Founder & Chairman – HumaniTV

Matt Tankersley is a US Navy veteran, father of four, and music loving native Texan who never strays long from his guitar and home in the live music capitol of the world in Austin.

As a seasoned start-up entrepreneur he has a proven track record of success in the Internet, telecommunications, and data networking industries. A tenured professional, from trench to boardroom, Mr. Tankersley has vast experience researching, deploying, selling, and operating carrier and enterprise class datacom technology and services for the public, private and non-profit sectors.

Besides HumaniTV, Mr. Tankersley’s vision and aptitude has shaped the start, growth, and success of many previous and ongoing firms including ICG/Choicecom (acquired by Level 3), Clearsouce (now Grande Communications), Trillion, TANK Technologies (merged w/LiquidSpoke, now Transcend), Portico Fund, and Enzoology Entertainment.

His addition to the HumaniTV team started in an advisory capacity as Chief Technology Advisor, with a mandate to seamlessly equip medical 1st responders with cutting edge tele-medicine technology from hospitals and universities, to beaches and jungles – wherever disaster or life saving urgency mandates. His creative vision for sustainability and potential, combined with his goals for positive social impact, rapidly cast him into a leadership role as CEO.

Mr. Tankersley is an active and passionate social servant, pursuing global humanitarian endeavors focused on faith, education, economic development, leadership and technology. Current work in these areas extend from the US to Asia and Africa, as well as the Caribbean to Central and South America.

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