Pete Monfre

PeteAdvisor & President – HumaniTV: Kids

Pete Monfre is a twenty five year veteran of the advertising and marketing industry, where he founded a successful marketing and branding firm serving Fortune 100 and 500 clients.  He is also an accomplished educator, photographer, award winning musician, writer, consultant, videographer and producer.

In recent years, Mr. Monfre has also proven himself as an innovator in education, changing and improving the future for our children and nation, as demonstrated by his vision and success as CEO of Enzoology Entertainment.

Mr. Monfre’s creativity, marketing prowess, and passion for education and kids, are most complimentary in his role as President of Humanitarian TV Kids and Education.  His unique skills at creating highly entertaining, precisely on-target educational content equip him well to serve HumaniTV and our collective audience and benefactors.   Mr. Monfre’s skills provide significant compliment to HumaniTV’s global mission to connect, “train,” equip and deploy across all our outreach and humanitarian action divisions.

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