Ravi Rao

Ravi Rao
Founder & COO

Mr. Rao has over 25 years of executive management experience in the High Tech industries covering the following markets: Information Security (microchip technology –Vitalinx, USIS, Schlumberger Smart Cards and multi-factor authentication -Akros TechLabs), Information Technology and Services – IndusRad, Shakti Solutions, MIMCO, Sports and Media Rights Management (Sports LED Media, MIC Electronics), Bollywood Film and TV Animation – Motion Pixel Corporation, Healthcare – Vitalinx, USIS and Akros, Aviation – CAE, Axelo, Prescott Products, Telecommunications – Nortel Networks and Home Entertainment – Axelo.

Mr. Rao is currently involved in real estate and investment capital ventures through SLM Investments, Perfica Solutions, Sunvalley Capital Investments and Oceanview Golf Resorts and Spa. His expertise lies in the following skillsets: business development and partnerships, operations, ROI growth strategies, profit maximization, capital funds raising, contract negotiations, start-up catalyst specialist, smart card and microchip technology expert (NIW) and mergers /acquisitions / joint ventures.

Ravi is on the board of several companies including HumaniTV, Sports LED Media, Axelo, Akros TechLabs and VitaLinx. He has traveled extensively throughout the US, Canada and abroad, and has extensive experience growing business and vertical partnerships with customers, suppliers and business partners to make consumer products and services more diverse and cost effective.

Mr. Rao’s strategic guidance at Axelo Inc. helped develop strategic/tactical plans to drive worldwide revenue growth through an integrated approach to sales, marketing, alliance building, and product strategy.  Axelo Inc. has a patented 3D inertial sensing technology that spans multiple vertical markets – Home Entertainment, Military, Healthcare, Sports, Aviation and Simulation.

As co-founder of Sports LED Media Inc. Mr. Rao was instrumental in creating a JV strategic partnership with Latin America Futbol Corporation (LAFC) and MIC Electronics Inc. to offer complete sports management and exploitation of rights from LED Perimeter stadium advertising, Sponsorships, Licensing and Merchandising of Team products. Created a 10 year revenue opportunity with two Division I Ecuador Professional Soccer Teams (Barcelona SC and CS Emelec).

Mr. Rao has a Masters of Engineering (Electrical) and a Bachelor of Engineering (Computer) from Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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