• HumaniTV Appoints Ambassador Lewis Lucke as President of Build Division

    HumaniTV Appoints Ambassador Lewis Lucke as President of Build Division

    AUSTIN, TEXAS – June 12, 2012 – HumaniTV, an Internet media and services firm committed to saving lives and impacting communities globally, today announced the appointment of Ambassador (ret) Lewis Lucke as President of the HumaniTV Build Division. Lucke is a member of the HumaniTV and Humanitarian Ambassadors Foundation boards and advisor to Portico International.

    “The hardest part of adding a proven resource like Ambassador Lucke to your team is not “if” but where,” stated Matt Tankersley, HumaniTV CEO & Co-Founder. “His deep experience as a statesman, humanitarian, and disaster response leader, make him an excellent choice for many different roles. His aptitude for international economic development combined with his passion for outreach and humanity cast a most positive light on the future of our Build Division. We’re most pleased and fortunate to count Ambassador Lucke as a colleague and teammate.”

    Ambassador Lucke has a 30+ year career in the field of economic development and diplomacy. He worked for the US Agency for International Development (USAID) for 27 years, including being the first director of USAID/Iraq with a $4 billion reconstruction and development portfolio, the largest such US program since the Marshall Plan. He served as US Ambassador to the Kingdom of Swaziland during the administration of President George W. Bush. Lucke has lived and worked in eleven countries during his foreign service career: Mali, Senegal, Costa Rica, Tunisia, Bolivia, Jordan, Kuwait, Haiti, Brazil, Iraq and Swaziland. In 2010, he led the initial US response to the Haiti earthquake. Ambassador Lucke is the author of “Waiting for Rain: Life & Development in Mali, W. Africa” (1999) and is fluent in both French and Spanish. His overseas development work has included the areas of disaster response, economic policy reform, microfinance, HIV/AIDS programs, infrastructure development, governance, food aid and private sector development.

    Ambassador Lucke now brokers US investment into developing countries in Africa, the Caribbean and the Middle East and chairs a bio-fuels company that converts trash and waste into biofuels. Most of his current overseas work is in the areas of affordable housing, renewable energy, power and infrastructure development. He continues his long-term commitment to improving the lives of people in the developing world by conceiving, brokering and managing numerous programs and projects around the world.

    About HumaniTV

    HumaniTV, headquartered in Austin, Texas, serves as the media, marketing & technology division of The Humanitarian Ambassadors Foundation (HAF) a nonprofit based in Austin, Texas and Connecticut.  HumaniTV believes that life is a WE thing, not a ME thing, and that service to one another is the only path to sustainable life, joy and blessing for all!  HumaniTV delivers the first and only deep, rich, and wide platform detailing the global perspective of man’s plight to aid his fellow man.   Using their revolutionary Internet TV & technology platforms, HumaniTV endeavors to “Connect, Train, Equip, & Deploy” individuals and institutions to save lives and impact communities as never before.  HumaniTV challenges everyone, everywhere to Join Together, in the Journey from Awareness to Action!”   

     HumaniTV is a privately held company. For more information, visit www.humani.tv or call (512) 600-0880.

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