• HumaniTV Appoints Tom Clagett as President of Faith Division

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    HumaniTV Appoints Tom Clagett as President of Faith Division

    AUSTIN, TEXAS – November 12, 2012 – HumaniTV, an Internet media and services firm promoting sustainability through the eyes of humanitarians and those they serve, today announced the appointment of Tom Clagett as President of the HumaniTV Faith Division.

    Tom currently serves as a Community Pastor for Fellowship Bible Church, a large evangelical church in Nashville, TN, where he dedicates most of his time to supporting small group ministries in a leadership capacity, coaching and investing in small group leaders and younger men.  He also leads several international strategic partnerships with a focus on church planting.  Tom has been in missions and church ministry for over 20 years fostered by a passion to lead others to spiritual maturity and God-glorifying service

    “The hearts, hands and eyes of humanitarians the world over are as diverse as the world they serve, but few have served their fellow man as boldly and consistently as those who start and end with the callings of faith, “states Matt Tankersley, HumaniTV CEO.  “HumaniTV exists to aid those who serve others to realize unprecedented awareness through revolutionary reach designed to deliver radical results – more eyes = more awareness and more resources!  We are blessed beyond measure to welcome Tom as President of HumaniTV Faith.  His passion, purpose and perseverance offer a most divine and reciprocal compliment to our mutual endeavors to serve humanity, and faith based organizations will no doubt be one of HumaniTV’s largest audiences and benefactors.”

    Tom Clagett has served on short term missions in South America, Asia, Africa and Europe, and is absolutely committed to helping all such endeavors.  “I believe the doors of hearts are opened when we discerningly extend love and compassion – people don’t care what you believe until the believe that you care,”  states Tom.  “I believe HumaniTV will be one of the greatest advancements of all time for the effectiveness of humanitarian efforts, provided God blows and maintains wind in its sails.”

    About HumaniTV

    HumaniTV, headquartered in Austin, Texas, promotes sustainability through the eyes of humanitarians and those they serve.  HumaniTV delivers the first and only deep, rich, and wide platform detailing the global perspective of man’s plight to aid his fellow man.  HumaniTV serves as the media, marketing & technology firm for The Humanitarian Ambassadors Foundation (HAF) a nonprofit based in Austin, Texas.   Using a revolutionary Social TV & technology platform, HumaniTV enables humanitarian and outreach organizations to “Connect, Train, Equip, & Deploy” individuals and institutions to save lives and impact communities as never before.  HumaniTV challenges everyone, everywhere to Join Together, in the Journey from Awareness to Action!

    HumaniTV is a privately held company. For more information, visit www.humani.tv or call (512) 600-0880.

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    Andrew Bruce
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