• HumaniTV to Launch Suite of Mobile Solutions for Global Impact Organizations through Partnership with 3Seventy, Inc.

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    HumaniTV to Launch Suite of Mobile Solutions for Global Impact Organizations through Partnership with 3Seventy, Inc.

    AUSTIN, TEXAS – September 19, 2013 – HumaniTV Inc, an online firm fostering a better world through better media, today announced plans to launch a comprehensive suite of mobile solutions for global impact organizations, through a strategic partnership with Austin, Texas based 3Seventy, Inc.  Initial offerings will be focused on mobile websites and SMS loyalty and mobilization technologies.

    “Equipping global impact organizations with innovative technology and media to save and impact more lives and communities, is the means to our mission,” states Matt Tankersley, HumaniTV CEO. “Mobile technologies like 3Seventy’s new text messaging platform, Vector370, provide us a most effective, quick, and relevant way to further connect HumaniTV viewers with the serving and served of our world. The vast reach and adoption of mobile and text technologies globally has truly exciting implications as we merge our marketplace and mission with these tools.”  “We researched the text messaging technology landscape and quickly gravitated to 3Seventy’s platform.  We believe that it is the most powerful SMS platform in the industry today,” says Ravi Rao, HumaniTV COO. “We have already begun pilots and plan to launch customer self-provisioning portals for mobile websites and SMS loyalty and mobilization in early Q4 of 2013.”

    Tankersley recognized the opportunity for mobile communication in outreach while volunteering in Moore following the tornado that devastated the Oklahoma City suburb in May.  “I was repeatedly amazed at peoples’ willingness to help as workers and supplies poured into town.  I met a man from Pittsburg who drove all night to Plaza Towers Elementary with a truck full of water and supplies.  His local radio station shared a tweet that support was needed and he hit the road with supplies from his community.  There were countless stories exactly like that.  The response was incredible but I saw many redundancies and gaps in legacy response process and communication.  Large quantities of relief supplies kept arriving long after there was no further need or room for storage, while many sites, victims and volunteers struggled for resources that unknown to them were mere blocks away.  The immediacy of texting will clearly lead to better coordination of volunteers and supplies.  Mobile solutions for impact organizations can save lives and improve response efficiencies in ways we’ve likely not even discovered yet.”

    “At 3Seventy we are dedicated to arming our clients with the best technology in the market,” said Teresa Smetzer, CEO of 3Seventy.  “We also work with clients to develop comprehensive mobile strategies that accomplish measurable objectives.  Through our partnership with HumaniTV we’ve been able to show substantial cost savings and ROIs for a variety of charitable organizations.  In the non-profit sector where resources are scarce, the potential impact of this partnership is massive.”

    About 3Seventy
    3Seventy Inc. provides a simple and effective way for businesses to deliver tailored information to their customers over mobile channel of choice. 3Seventy strives to teach our partners and customers our Mobile Playbook and deliver long-term, profitable mobile results.

    3Seventy Inc. is a privately held company based in Austin, Texas.

    About HumaniTV
    HumaniTV Inc. is an online media firm fostering a better world through better media. HumaniTV combines online video with online giving, eLearning, eCommerce and eMoblizing to entertain, inform and engage more people, in more places for more impact. HumaniTV strives to connect online viewers to the serving and served of our world, and provide a deeply immersive point of entry into the global outreach marketplace.

    HumaniTV Inc. is a privately held company based in Austin, Texas.

    For more information, visit www.humani.tv or call (512) 600-0880.


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