HumaniTV TECH is a multifaceted VAR and MSP. We partner with the best, deliver exemplary service, and offer socially conscious enterprises alternative procurement programs that direct a percentage of proceeds from sales & support to corporate charities of choice.

Better Tech.
Better Service.
Better WORLD!

Technology with a (greater) purpose!

HumaniTV TECH provides a comprehensive suite of assessment, strategy, implementation, professional services & support products, including managed VPN, Monitoring, Virtualization, Desk/Server/Mobile Hardware & Patch Management, AV/Threat Management, and Backup Management services.

From HD video to SMS mobilization, or seamless multi-channel engagement to advanced  voice, video and virtualization – HumaniTV has just the right solution for your technology needs the world over.

We are passionate customer servants and tenured technologists, creatively innovating media and technology to deliver the greatest possible impact for your enterprise or impact organization.

We look forward to being of service, and to every opportunity to share journeys while delivering the world’s best technology and service.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Reach out and let us know how best we can help. Let us put our aptitude for sustainable innovation to work for your organization today. Give us a call or drop us a  request to tell us more at [email protected]


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