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    Reporting directly to the CEO, a HumaniTV Division Ambassador’s primary role is to be the public face of their division during the elected term period – typically Jan 1 – Dec 31.  Division Presidents assume an active (part-time) leadership role, tasked with actively advancing the health, market visibility, reach, and growth of their division, while advancing operational objectives in a manner consistent with HumaniTV’s compass, organizational and divisional missions.  THIS IS CURRENTLY AN ELECTED VOLUNTEER POSITION.


    One (1) Year (January 1st – December 31st)
    A Division Ambassador may never serve for more than (2) consecutive terms, and is otherwise not restricted from the number of terms they may serve.

    Time Commitment:

    HumaniTV Division Ambassadors are requested to serve a minimum of ten (10) hours monthly in the duties defined herein.

    We recognize some will do more, but that is not required or expected.  HumaniTV full-time staff members are tasked with supporting a lion’s share of work and follow up activities for division Presidents.

    Roles & Responsibilities:


    • Consistently promote and advance shared missions and help develop and improve operational standards, controls, and policies in a manner consistent with HumaniTV’s mission, means, motive and marketplace.
    • Ensure division is “relevant” to it’s audience delivering dynamic on-target content by monitoring activity and marketplace to define and refine vision, direction and strategy.


    • Division Presidents must be committed to leading, learning and serving in technically apt ways that display knowledge and proficiency of the organizations technology and media presence and mission.
    • At a minimum, follow all HumaniTV Social Media channels & actively like & share content aligned with your own passions and areas of responsibility
    • Actively contribute to division’s media pulse weekly.


    • Advance divisional/brand reach through consistent growth of online media: NEW LIKES, FOLLOWS, SUBSCRIPTIONS, and Partnerships.
    • Identify and engage prospective partner organizations (NPOs, NGOs, Individuals, Enterprises, etc…) to ensure constant recruitment, growth, and sustainability of Divisional revenue objectives: Channel subscribers, Video content, Advertisers, Spotlight organizations, Audience.


    • Provide pro-active leadership and mentoring for HumaniTV partner organizations, customers and HumaniTV support staff.
    • Provide feedback and input as to the performance of the overall HumaniTV organization, board, management and staff.
    • Provide guidance and direction to ensure HumaniTV’s compliance with relevant laws and regulations relevant to your divisional focus and practice.
    • Support the HumaniTV board and management, without intruding in their respective roles and authority.
    • Ask strategic questions and provide candid advice and perspective regarding the organization’s health and effectiveness and the marketplace environment, without compromising management’s authority.
    Selection Process:

    Division Ambassador applications will be accepted and interviews conducted by HumniTV’s CEO and Senior Leadership Team. Nominations will then be made to the Board of Directors for election. Candidates will be notified of the result immediately following this process.

    Interested Parties please email resume & cover letter to:  [email protected]

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  • Chief Technology Officer / Co-Founder

    Location: Austin, TX (ANY) 

    THIS IS A CO-FOUNDER EQUITY BASED POSITIONReporting directly to the CEO, HumaniTV’s CTO is responsible for co-creating technical vision and leading all aspects of development, from concept to delivery. As HumaniTV’s top online media executive, the CTO has overall responsibility for:

    • Development and delivery of existing and future online media architecture, products & services
    • Long-range direction and strategy of online media technology products & services
    • Establishing, communicating, and maintaining online media solution portfolio and functional architectures
    • Ensuring architectures effectively scale with constantly changing and growing needs of the business.
    • Building and maintaining a passionate and committed team of develops and contractors to deliver, scale and support online media products sand services
    • Effectively integrating with HumaniTV’s Senior Leadership Team to ensure overall corporate objectives are achieved to potential while mitigating risks.
    • Identifying opportunities and risks for delivering solutions, products and services to market – including identification of competitive offerings, opportunities for innovation, and assessment of marketplace obstacles and technical hurdles.
    • Effectively collaborate with all HumaniTV staff, divisions and departments to assess and recommend technologies that support overall company needs and goals.
    • Communicating HumaniTV’s online media technology strategy to investors, management, staff, customers, partners and stakeholders.
    • Establishing and maintaining online media software development processes, release control process, quality process, documentation process, technical support process and other related processes to constantly improve, streamline and exceed customer expectations.
    • Maintaining up-to-date knowledge of technology standards, industry trends, emerging technologies and software development best practices
    • Establishing, tracking and controlling HumaniTV’s online media annual operating and capital budgets

    Requirements: Experience, Education & Other Credentials requirements for this position include:

    • Must passionately align with HumaniTV mission, means and marketplace
    • University degree in the field of computer science, engineering or other rigorous discipline – an advanced degree in one of these fields is a plus.
    • Proven expertise in the fields of business & customer intelligence, and other analytics leading to actionable insights, execution and leadership.
    • Proven expertise in online media and software development
    • 10+ years of relevant experience in areas mentioned above, in one or more of the following industry verticals: information technology, online media and television
    • Proven leadership and team building skills
    • Excellent written and oral communication skills
    • Above average ability to articulate (verbally, written & visual) ideas to both technical and non-technical audiences
    • Keen attention to detail
    • Ability to operative and motivate in a team-oriented, collaborative environment
    • Proven track record of exemplary customer service skills in bottom line revenue impacting roles

    Compensation: THIS IS A CO-FOUNDER EQUITY BASED POSITION – Post-funding salary commensurate with market rates and experience, and includes a full package of benefits.

    Interested Parties please email resume & cover letter to:  [email protected]

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