• HumaniTV Appoints Pete Monfre as President of Humani Kids

    HumaniTV Appoints Pete Monfre as President of HumaniTV Kids

    AUSTIN, TEXAS – May 29, 2012 – HumaniTV, an Internet media and services firm committed to saving lives and impacting communities globally, today announced the appointment of Pete Monfre as President of the HumaniTV Kids Division.  Monfre, is the founder and CEO of Enzoology Entertainment, an Austin based media firm delivering innovative supplemental digital science curriculum for students, teachers and parents under the brand Exploration Nation.

    “Pete is a natural choice as leader of our Humani Kids Division,” said Matt Tankersley, HumaniTV’s CEO and Co-Founder. “He has extensive experience working with young people to develop programs that create socially conscious innovators for the future.  Additionally, his many decades serving the strategic marketing needs of Fortune 100 companies will be a significant asset as we continue to develop, launch and operate our revolutionary social media platforms.”

    “The mouths and minds of children are filled with the most promising innocent and simple words and ideas,” says Monfre.  “I am constantly amazed at how that innocence manifests as invaluable logic that constantly eludes the minds of the most tenured academics, engineers and industry professionals.  I believe the person who ultimately cures cancer, solves the energy problem or creates the next insanely great thing is in elementary school right now.”

    Mr. Monfre is a twenty five year veteran of the advertising and marketing industry. The former founder of a successful marketing and branding firm he is also an accomplished educator, photographer, award winning musician, writer, consultant, videographer and producer.

    About HumaniTV

    HumaniTV, headquartered in Austin, Texas, serves as the media, marketing & technology division of The Humanitarian Ambassadors Foundation (HAF) a nonprofit based in Austin, Texas and Connecticut.  HumaniTV believes that life is a WE thing, not a ME thing, and that service to one another is the only path to sustainable life, joy and blessing for all!  HumaniTV delivers the first and only deep, rich, and wide platform detailing the global perspective of man’s plight to aid his fellow man.   Using their revolutionary Internet TV & technology platforms, HumaniTV endeavors to “Connect, Train, Equip, & Deploy” individuals and institutions to save lives and impact communities as never before.  HumaniTV challenges everyone, everywhere to Join Together, in the Journey from Awareness to Action!”   

     HumaniTV is a privately held company. For more information, visit www.humani.tv or call (512) 600-0880.


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